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Bathtub reviews. A simple buying guide to follow.

The amount of time it takes to research into what bathtub is right for you could easily be better spent doing other tasks around the home. Getting the right product is essential, but not the be all end all. The theme also takes center stage, and getting that wrong can affect the bathrooms aesthetics as a whole. That’s why, we’ve put together a simple guide to help you find the best bathtubs. We do this by following expert opinions found on the Bathtub Advice website. They go into greater detail than the average consumer does, rating various styles such as freestanding and drop in tubs for your convenience.

Gallons – You should look into the amount of water each product can hold. This will give you a useful insight into how much of your body will be covered whilst soaking in the tub. Generally speaking, the more the better, but be sure to understand the strength of the floor foundations in the washroom. This can be analyzed independently by qualified building professionals, and will save you a spot of bother should something go wrong in the future.

Style – There are several styles to choose from. Among the most popular are clawfoot, undermounted, and freestanding bathtubs. I can’t give you a specific recommendation when it comes to this, simply because everyone has differently shaped bathrooms and requirments. Just be aware there is plenty of choice out there, so don’t rush into a decision.

Size – It may be stating the obvious, but ensure you’re getting a tub that fits your body. There are longer 72 inch options, as well as more compact bathtubs, measuring 54 inches. Both have their uses.

Faucet included – Not all units come with faucets. If that’s the case, they may need to be purchased separately. So give a little room in your budget should such a problem arise. It’s easy to overspend on accessories and additional hardware.

Brand – Stick to the big brand names and manufacturers and you can’t go far wrong. American Standard, and KOHLER are two of our personal favorites. Good consumer reports on both of these around the web, and generally produce a wide range of bathroom products.

Price tag – It doesn’t matter if you’ve got 300 dollars to spend or two thousand. There is plenty available for the variety of needs customers ahve. Assume that higher quality ones are more expensive, and the lower priced ones can break and be damaged easier. There are pros and cons of both.

It’s not an easy decision, but taking a step back and understanding exactly what your bathtub is offering, can really help you in avoiding mistakes. Next week, I will be showing readers how to maintain tubs effectively, leaving a clean and hygienic environment for all to enjoy. Check out our toilet guide for further reading material.

Found a great new toilet for the bathroom

As you may already know, we have been continuously working on various rooms in the house, both in terms of furniture, and design. We’ve been wanting to spruce up the look of our dreary bathroom for several years, but it’s been one of those things that no matter what we do, we never found the time of funds to finish it.

So, it took some time, but after a few weeks of researching various designs and features that make or break a product, we believe that we’ve finally found a top toilet thanks to a recommendation from the guys over at It comes from the KOHLER Highline range and includes several things that work well for it in the spec list. The main one being the design being of a more contemporary nature, but also the fact that it operated on an ideal dual flush system which will help us use less water.

Then of course, there is the matter of money. When we compare toilets across the web online, we found that this particular model held its own quite well in terms of flush efficiency and performance, whilst still keeping to a reduced cost to that of its main competitors.

The delivery is scheduled to come on Friday, so hopefully all will be well and the real thing impresses us as much as the manufacturer describes it on various sources online. However, we didn’t go in blind, we have taken time to look at what people who have actually purchased it already thinks in the form of reviews and feedback. From what we’ve gathered, consumers on the major retailers tend to rate it quite highly which is fantastic. The main negatives we read about included people fitting it on the wrong size rough in, and basic mistakes like that. More of a user error really than a problem with the product.

So we have certainly got our fingers crossed that this loo will not only look great, but will work well in the modern household with four users. So far I’ve heard nothing but good things about KOHLER toilets, so that’s a great start.

One thing I’m not always as clued up on is how to fit and install a new toilet. But, there is a first time for everything right? I will be recruiting my brother in law to lend me a hand a talk me through some of the things that I may struggle with or are inexperienced with.

The design is going to look great with the rest of the bathrooms features such as the shower head, and my wife and I are looking forward to seeing the end results. Hopefully all this research and hard worth is going to pay off.

Shower head replacement

There is no worse feeling than being half way through your daily washing machine then having to switch from taking a shower to taking a bath thanks to a faulty shower head. Not quite sure what went wrong, but I suspect it’s a bit clogged up after continuous use over the last decade or so. Even after a bit of cleaning and maintenance I couldn’t get it working again, so I’ve decided to splash out on getting a new one.

And if i’m going shopping, I want to give myself the best chance of it not happening again, so I will be looking for something of a high standard that has great water coverage. I do like the look of those rainfall shower heads, they seem to cover the most area at least, i’m not too sure about functionality, but that’s something I have been looking into in my spare time.

One of the sites I came across in my research to finding a great shower head is Shower HQ. They offer reviews and ratings based on performance, price, and what customers are saying about individual products. It’s given me a push in the right direction, which is always appreciated.

The Thunderhead looks promising, as does one of the Delta models. Both seem to offer a great set of specs that will surely enhance the showering experience. But then again, there are a few others I haven’t looked at that’s putting me off making the final decision.

Whatever one I go with, the surface area of overall water coverage has to be high, so I will want something with a larger than average diameter, and potentially something with around 2.5 gallons per minute flow rate.

The other thing i’m finding difficult is finding a good finish for my current set up. Currently, my bathroom tiles are white with floral patterns along the top, and there is a lighter shade of blue above them keeping to a bright theme. I am confused as to whether to go for a shower head renowned for its durability, or something that fits the design brief.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much in the way for both from what I’ve seen in the current market. And whilst these products are reasonably inexpensive, I’d rather get it right first time to save me having to go through the trouble of replacing, and sending back the old ones.

Rant over, I’ll let you know, and hopefully provide pictures when I’ve chosen one. I may be some time. Any suggestions, send them to me 🙂