While the sun is still shining, I’ve decided to work on improving my back yard today. As you will know from reading my blog, a lot of effort goes into improving the look and feel of the interior and exterior of the household. And that doesn’t exclude the back garden.

And oh my, what a task I have on my hands. It’s been quite some time and there is certainly an awful amount of work to get going with, especially the overgrown grass near the patio and back door.

Then we have the case of overgrown ivy climbing up the walls of the side of the house and partly obscuring the bathroom window view, which can be quite frustrating when taking a shower. We have far reaching views, so we want to make the most of that.

Then, there will be a tool clear out from the garage, we’ve got far too much junk that needs throwing away, so I will certainly be spending a few hours in there sorting all that out.

It’s going to be a long one, but as long as the weather stays like this, I’m sure that I am going to be happy.